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by DebtGuy 6. March 2010 10:30

One of the most important aspects in selecting a debt solution company, to negotiate debt reductions on your behalf, is choosing a company with high marks in customer service.  We feel it important to not only answer your call in a timely fashion, but also to provide quality customer service, which answers your questions, resolves financial challenges, and puts you in a position to suceed in your ability to become debt free.

A company can be measured and graded in many ways.  For example, our in-house systems have processed over 1.5 Billion dollars in creditor payments and have serviced more than 225,000 clients over the past decade.  Although systems and processes are nice, it really is our professional customer service representatives who are the face of the company, and are well trained to take care of whatever financial challenges you face.

If you are thinking about entering a Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC) Debt Management Program (DMP) or are considering alternative debt solutions, consider choosing a company whose foudners have been in the industry since 1997, and who pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service.

Call today to speak with a financial counselor.  Together we will make a plan to help you become debt free for life.

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