Increase in Debt Collection Complaints

by DebtGuy 31. July 2009 05:38

Consumer Federation of America reports debt collection experienced the fastest growth in consumer complaints in 2008.  With the state of the economy, companies have cranked up the pressure and shady practices on consumers to collect debt.  Most people that are down on their luck, or behind on their bills will receive phone calls from collection agencies demanding payment for past due balances, however the trend is showing they are using more deceptive and harmful practices.

Despite the growth in consumer complaints, the resources to help are shrinking due to budget cuts and staff reductions.

Consumers that are having a difficult time keeping up with their bills should strongly consider enrolling in a credit counseling or debt settlement program with AmeriFree Financial.  Our debt solutions are consumer friendly, allowing you to pay what you can afford, while putting a stop to collection calls.  Call us today to discuss your financial needs.



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